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The Rock River Star Trek Space Science Association
Rockford, Illinois

Mottoes: Fortune Favors the Bold! - To learn from the past in order to seek the future...
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The Rock River Star Trek Space Science Association
USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004

The Black Hawk Star Trek Space Science Association is a Fan Club like no other.  Its primary goal is to bring not only Trekkers and Trekkies into fellowship of fun and activities, but to all Science Fiction Genre, such as fans of Star Wars, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and Battletech, to name a few.  We're also into fantasy based games and stories, such as Dungeons & Dragons  and Car Wars. With the creation of the 'homeport' for the USS Black Hawk, STARBASE Rockford, it truly makes the USS Black Hawk a worth wild STAR TREK Fan Club to JOIN!

We also get into the real life experiences of being a part of the human race.  We have established charities, such as the 'Adopt A Monument' program at Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee and the Ronald McDonald House Charities 'Pull Tab' Contribution program.   We study space exploration, computer sciences and environmental concerns.  Some are into the military aspects of the STAR TREK universe, such as the Starfleet Marines and MACO.   We also love to write.  Some of our members have had stories published in various fanzines and on the internet, thus leading to the creation of our Internet Fanzine site - STAR TREK: Black Hawk (formerly known as STAR TREK: Shiloh). We also go to conventions, summits and gatherings where other TREKKERS are.  And our regular meetings are designed to keep our members informed and to have fun!

For our history see The History in the navigation bar.

The USS Black Hawk has been a chapter of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Association, Inc. for over 11 years.  The Black Hawk is also affiliated with the Cha'ouw Empire: A Star Trek Fan Association as well as United Federation of Planets Galaxy: A Global Star Trek Fan Association.   The USS Black Hawk currently serves as the Flagship for the Chief of Starfleet Operations, UFPG, as well as the Flagship of the Fourth Fleet, code named 'Archangel' and Starbase Rockford., also known as Starbase Four.  All members are automatically enrolled in the Cha'ouw Empire and the UFPG, unless requested that you do not wish to be enrolled.  Membership in those associations are FREE.   Membership in STARFLEET is NOT.

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