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Other Starships

There has been three starships which the officers and crew of the current USS Black Hawk has served aboard.  To see the other two starship's schematics and descriptions, go to:
USS Black Hawk, NCC-74683
USS Shiloh, NCC-74683

The initial crew (charter members) started out on a research shuttlecraft (now called a 'Runabout') off the Miranda Class Starship USS Alacrity, NCC-1881.  To see that shuttlecraft, go to:
Shuttlecraft Shiloh, NCC-1881/04

The USS Black Hawk has served as the Mothership to the following Shuttlecraft:
USS DragonStrike

The command crew assisted the following starship through the Existing Fan Club Program:
USS Inferno, NCC-15202

The name Black Hawk has a proud history of it's own.  To see the different vessels, Navy or Starfleet, that have bore the name Black Hawk go to:
Vessels named "Black Hawk"